Villa Komoda, originally called Villa Jūrapilis, dates back to the second half of the nineteenth century. It is said that this building was ordered by the most famous count who lived in Palanga, Feliksas Tiškevičius. Historians believe that the project was designed by Italian architect Leonardo Marconi. The man is also said to have designed the identity-looking villa that currently adorns the Monaco neighborhood in France.


After building the villa, Feliksas Tiškevičius donated it to his brother, Aleksandr Tiškevičius. The latter was already a count of Kretinga at that time, therefore little documentation about villa has been collected during his life. During the interwar period, the villa burned down several times and was bombed. The last owners of the villa before the existing ones were the Union of Futures.

With the support of the current Villa Komoda family, it was resurrected within three years. When we first entered this villa, we found no ceiling in it and we were greeted by growing trees within its walls. In 2018, after long renovations, Villa Komoda opened its doors as a boutique-style villa, a seasonal food restaurant, a private, Prussian garden and a bright roof terrace.

Villa Komoda’s family is always waiting for your stories about the original history of the new house and invites guests to ask questions, it is always wonderful to share. Remembering the origin of the villa, all ten bedrooms are now named after the Tiškevičiai family and the existing logo is based on the motifs of the Tiškevičiai coat of arms.

VILA KOMODA - hotel and restaurant in Palanga

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