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Newly renovated, historic family home, seasonal restaurant, private French garden and a rooftop terrace


The new villa, located in the heart of the resort town of Palanga, Love Avenue, consists of 10 newly furnished, spacious rooms, a sunny rooftop, snacks and drinks terra, a private garden and a seasonal fresh food restaurant, at the helm of an internationally acclaimed chef.

“Komoda” was originally built in the second half of the nineteenth century and its history resembles the home of Tiškevičiai family members.

It is believed that the building was a gift from one brother to another. It is said that nobleman Felikas Tiškevičius built and gifted this exclusive guest home to his brother Aleksandras Tiškevičius and his family, so that the families could spend summers together.

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VILA KOMODA - hotel and restaurant in Palanga

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